The pandemic causes Europe to have more doubts on globalization and China than ever before. There are three representative arguments on BRI: a new debt crisis, a new Cold War dividing the world and new mutual connectivity risks. At the same time, BRI brings hope for digital and green transformation. A “Silk Road for Health” is needed more and more.

WANG Yiwei is a Jean Monnet Chair professor, director of the Institute of International Affairs and director of the Center for European Studies at the Renmin University of China. He served as a diplomat at the Chinese Mission to the European Union (2008-2011‬). His main research interests include Belt & Road Studies, European Integration, Public Diplomacy, Chinese Foreign Policy and EU-China Relations. His recent books include: The Decline of Modern Civilization and the Dawn of Community of Shared Future for Humankind; An Interconnected World: China and the Belt and Road Initiative;

China Connects the World: What Behind the Belt & Road Initiative; The Belt & Road Initiative: What China Will Offer the World in its Rise. He was invited to give keynote speeches on BRI at UNESCO and at a side event of the UN General Assembly. He attended over 1000 forums and conferences, such as BRI International Cooperation Forum, Munich Security Conference, Shangri-La Dialogue, Valdai Club Forum, Boao Asia Forum, Wilton Park Conference, Stockholm China Forum, Berlin Diplomatic Forum and World Government Summit. He is a frequent interviewee at the South China Morning Post, Russia Today, CCTV/CGTN, BBC, New York Times and other Medias.

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